Niels Lyngsø, born 1968, is a poet and a translator. He has participated in international poetry festivals in Canada, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Macedonia, Sweden and The United States.

Here are some of his poems:

These translations are from the book PENCIL OF RAYS AND SPIKED MACE. Selected Poems, translated by Gregory Pardlo.

Lyngsø has worked with both visual poetry and sound compositions with poetry. So even though you don’t understand Danish, you might enjoy some of the following:
Besat af de tre tyranner (2013)
Dunkel (2011)
Morpheomedusa (2004)
Un KUBE de dé (2004)
Med slukkede … (1999)
Jeg kalder (1999)
det mørke stof (1996)
Når du den første nat (1992)

Lyngsø also works as a translator from English (Philip Roth, Nick Flynn etc.), French (Gilles Deleuze, Marcel Proust etc.), Norwegian (Linn Ullmann, Niels Fredrik Dahl etc.) and Swedish (Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Jens Lapidus etc.). See a list of his translations here.

A god can only be constant

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When my dead mother

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Handwriting is

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Hair in copper flames

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